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The Complete Configuration

Our Fliteboard Kit Includes:

  • • Fliteboard
    • Fliteboard Travel Bag
    • eFoil Bag
    • e-Foil
    • Flitecell
    • Flitecell Bag

  • • Charger
    • Front Wing and Bag
    • Accessories Pouch
    • Flite Controller
    • Flite Controller Charger
    • Front Wing and Cover

  • • Shims
    • O-rings
    • Stabiliser and Cover
    • Screws

A more Sustainable Future

Fliteboard is dedicated to pioneering the shift towards more environmentally friendly marine craft. That’s why Fliteboard is quiet, emission free and doesn’t leave any wake or pollution behind.

Authorized Fliteboard Service Provider

If you are looking for replacement parts or upgrades, Please contact SWS for more information.