Authorized Fliteboard Service Provider

SWS Muskoka is an authorized Service Level 1 provider for Fliteboard.

Your Fliteboard warranty requires you to service your equipment after the first 50hrs/6 months of use, and again after every 100hrs/12 months of use. The service of the mast consists of an overall inspection and replacement of motor seals, oil, anode and wing pad. The service of the controller is to check the overall condition and trigger mechanism. The service of the TGP is to check the overall condition, and re-grease the bearings.

Please be sure to include your user manual (Series 2 onwards) as this now includes the maintenance schedule which is required to be filled in.

IMPORTANT: The Fliteboard Limited Warranty may be void if your Fliteboard has missed the required service schedule.

SWS Muskoka can also do Fliteboard repairs and upgrades.