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Fliteboard ULTRA Kit

Fliteboard ULTRA Kit

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Take eFoiling to new heights

Looking for a more daring experience? Fliteboard ULTRA is for expert riders looking to push their boundaries. It features reduced weight, a streamlined design and optional foot straps that make it perfect for waves, jumps and racing.

A pocket rocket for performance

At 4 foot, 2 inches, ULTRA’s reduced swing weight lets you go faster and turn harder.

Strap in

Foil like never before. ULTRA lets you put on foot straps that connect you to the board for whenever you’re looking to push the limits.

What's Included

— Flite Controller
— Wing set: Cruiser 1100 + Flite 290
— Battery: Flitecell Explore (100 mins)
— eFoil Bag
— Fliteboard Bag
— Accessories Pouch

Dimensions + Weight

1299L x 580W x 110MM D
(4’3” x 23” x 5”)
Size: 75cm Silver or Black Mast

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Level Up with the Fliteboard ULTRA eFoil. The reduced swing weight lets you push the limits.

Enjoy stability with the Cruiser 1100

The most popular all-purpose wing. This efficient wing takes off early and offers a great range of speeds.

Premium Flitecell

Flitecell excels Titanium reinforced plates, premium 21700 cells that deliver twice the potential energy, advanced Battery Management System and Phase Changing Material for improved thermal management, increased safety and longevity.

Control your ride with the ultimate co-pilot

Cruise control Patented Virtual Gears make learning easier by letting you focus on balancing the foil. Precise trigger control is also available for advanced riders.